Our vision is to elevate the global standard of healthcare environments, fostering a culture of healing that transcends borders and embraces the latest.

Who we are & what we do

At Welcraft, it isn’t just building healthcare spaces, we’re composing symphonies of well-being. From our meticulously designed medical furniture trusted by 900+ hospitals across 9 countries to interiors that prioritize patient comfort and staff efficiency, we bridge the gap between clinical precision and human-centered care.
With 275 reseller partners spreading our vision across 87 cities, we’re committed to crafting healthcare environments that resonate with your needs.
We empower healthcare providers across the entire spectrum, from remote primary care clinics to multi-specialty and secondary care hospitals.

2009 - The birth

We started our journey with medical consumables.

2012- Forayed to hospital furniture

Moved and learned our way into manufacturing.

2015 - Brand Welcraft

Welcraft was born at a new facility of 45,000 sq. ft.

2020 - Opened a branch at Hyderabad

With all certificates and growth, we moved to the healthcare hub of India.

2022 - Welcraft Global was born

We opened up our global branch at Manchester, United Kingdom.
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The Board

Our team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, founders, and accomplished NRI professionals, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. It is this rich blend of expertise and experience that empowers us to excel and craft exceptional solutions

Marzed PAP

Founder and MD

Asif M. K.


Fahad Ali E.K


Prasad K


Ashok Naidu


Sadiya Salim








Our Team

At Welcraft, our team is the heart of our operation, consisting of not only our esteemed board members but also over 100 skilled individuals across diverse functions such as design, production, dispatch, administration, sales, marketing, and beyond. Each member contributes their expertise and dedication, working collaboratively to ensure the highest standards of quality and service in every aspect of our operations. Together, we strive to innovate, collaborate, and exceed expectations, driving forward our mission to provide exceptional solutions for the healthcare industry.

We are open for hire. Let's bring your creative ideas to life together!